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  A new world in technology
The Centre for Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology is involved in the generation and optimization of proteins for biotechnological applications in particular using the tools of Systems Biology.

The objective of the Center is to develop postgraduate doctoral research in the disciplines of biochemical engineering and biotechnology by training doctoral students from Chile and abroad to work in advanced research and to graduate professionals with a critical attitude to new developments in this fast moving field.

  Director: Professor Juan A. Asenjo
Deputy Director: Professor Barbara Andrews
Phone numbers:
  • (56 2) 9784283
  • (56 2) 9784713
  • (56 2) 9784723
  • (56 2) 9784710
  • (56 2) 6715140
  • (56 2) 9784288
Fax number:
  • (56 2) 6991084
Address: Beauchef 850, Santiago, Chile
Centre for Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CIByB)
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences University Of Chile